Hello everyone! Today I just want to show you the current state of all noted bugs and features that are planned, in progress, or in queue for release.

See the picture below to get an overview all planned features and bug fixes that are already assigned to a version/milestone.

Backlog - All other noted features!

The picture on the right side (or at the bottom on mobile) shows all features that are planned for the future but not assigned to a specific version/milestone.


The pictures I took from my Board in my Cloud. Sadly the feature to share that via a public link isn’t implemented yet but planned for somewhen this year. As soon as it get released I want to publish you this board.

My goal is to be as transparent as possible. For now you can see what’s done and in progress in the document „Upcomming versions“ here in the changelog folder.

You want to help?

SM64 ROM Manager is open-source and everyone can fork the Repository on GitLab for private uses.

So, if you want, fell free to help with implement your features or bug fixes yourself or take a feature from SM64 ROM Manager Board.

If you finished then create a pull request with some details that describe what it fixes or implements. Also beware this few points:

  • One bug fix or feature = one pull request
  • Bug fixes or minor code improvements goes to „master“ branche. From this branche all minor updates get built from.
  • Features, UI changes and bug fixes that changes a lot of code goes to the current „v1.x“ branche where „x“ represents the next major version.

After your pull request got merged you will be noted in changelog.

Join a team!

If you want access to the SM64 ROM Manager Board and chat rooms or you want to get deeper in the contributing process, feel free to join the development team.

See here the available teams! If you don’t want to develop but want to help somewhere else you can also join another team. Also you can join multiple teams if you want to.

Just as note:
You do not enter into any special obligations by joining a team. Fell free to join or leave. If you join you get access to e.g. Pilzcloud. It will help you to help me/us more easier (if you want to). That’s the benefit of it.

Thank you for reading!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and have a nice day!