Public Support Chat

I’ve created a public support chat for SM64 ROM Manager on my Pilzcloud for direct support out from ROM Manager and for people who haven’t a Discord account.

You can simple join the chat by simply choosing a custom guest name. That means you don’t need to sign up with an E-Mail.

The chat is bridged with the channel „#rm-public-help“on my Discord Server. So, you can get help from people on Discord even without Discord account!

To join the chat, click this Button. If you open it the first time, please set an custom guest name on the right side panel, so we can distinguish you, if you write something.

Discord-Server of Pilzinsel64

On Discord I’ve created a Server long time ago. It’s mainly focused on getting help with SM64 Hacking and for using my tools, as well as updates and announcements.

Get help with SM64 Hacking in general by all the members on the server. Also show your WIP or finished projects and discuss about improvements and other projects.

If you want to get support, want to suggest a feature, discuss a problem, you’re right and can directly interact with me and the community to discuss your issue/request/question.

To join my Discord-Server, click the Discord caret at the bottom right and log in!

To share with your friends your can use this link: