Hello everybody!

Hopefully you had a good start into the new year 2022. And if not then hopefully it will get better during the first months!
This post might come a bit late, but due the lag of time… well, better late then never. 😅

Thank You!

First of all I just want to say thank you to the whole community! But especially …

  • to everyone who is using at least one of my tools. Ever single use tells me I made something right.
  • to all Team members from the SM64 ROM Manager teams Tweak Management and Custom Objects Management and the general teams Editorial Staff and Developers!
  • to everone who made bug reports, feature requests, took part on testings, discussed and helped other people, especially on the Discord-Server and the public help chat for SM64 ROM Manager.
  • to everyone who did a little donation via PayPal. Also big thanks to my one Patreon that is a member since 2020! On the right side you can see a list of all donators. Every donation is very helpful, as my server and domain costs money. Providing the tools, downloads, updates and even this site where you can read the text, it needs an server and domain. And both isn’t for free for me.

Also thanks for the understanding that, by far, my free time is way too little. I try to keep everything alive but it’s hard. Probably this state will never go away, but I want to finish some things before I even want to think about stopping from developing my tools and administrating the site, Cloud and everything that’s a part of.
But hey, one step to improve all of that is giving part of work away. And that’s the next topic!

Regularly Donations

  • WatchSilasTV
  • just_eh_cupcake (former)


  • Lugmillord
  • PixelSM64
  • tonysburger
  • Angry
  • Colby H.
  • Colin B.
  • Stefan S.
  • Lucas P.
  • Philipp P.
  • Depsurrel

Teams and Members

Now I want to tell you a few new team members that joined during the last year.

  • xEbony joined to the editorial stuff team. She helps with writing and translating blog posts. Also she got administrator privilegs
  • Lonk joined the developer team. He’s extending his programming skills with optimizing SM64 ROM Manager source code and base components like DotNetBar. Probably he will also take part on bug fixing and feature implementation after some time.
  • ZenonX (didn’t joined any team yet, but) already made some pull requests to the SM64 ROM Manager repo on GitLab that fixes some stuf. (Maybe he want to join a team?)

Also I want to say special thanks to a few guys which I noticed particularly positively. The names I will not write down here (for good reasons) but I hope they know that they are meant.

Download statistics

Lastly I want to let you know a few download statistics from 20th December 2021 to 20th January 2022 for the two most popular tools, SM64 ROM Manager and SM64 Text Manager. The statistics are not very accurat, I guess. I simple did a few SQL queries in the database of my Pilzcloud where I provide all the downloads.


About one month Per day
Downloads of SM64 ROM Manager 900 30
Update-Checks (on each ROM Manager startup) 10490 335
Update-Downloads for SM64 ROM Manager 150 to 200 5 to 7
Downloads of SM64 Text Manager 285 9 to 10

Wish you a good year!

Well, I’m already done now. Thank you very much for take attention to this post. Feel free to join a team (see the SM64 ROM Manager page for this) and help contributing, continue just to use my tools and lastly simple have a good year!