A new Version of SM64 ROM Manager has been released. Version 1.13 has less new features, but brings a lot of code improvements that may not be visible for everyone directly. They improve the stablity and performance of SM64 ROM Manager.

To see the few new main features and fixes, just take a look at the changelog here.

The Download and other links are here. But you can also update your installed version via the built-in updater.
(To update within the first week after the release you need to use the Pre-Release channel for updating. The roll-out is delayed to prevent that major unknown bugs rolles-out too fast and can get fixed before everyone has the new version.)

One other reason, why v1.13 is a smaller release then the feature updates before, is that my personal free time the last months I could combine in one word: Zero! Then I don’t want to let users wait so long for new feautures, I want to push smaller feature updates, also for the future.

But what’s about Version 1.14? Will I have more time for? Will there be more features for? Yes, there will be more features and also more important features. One thing will be the take-over of scrolling texture properties to the new model. Thanks to the ROM.config file and the „Simplyfied Mode“ in the Scrolling Texture Editor it’s possible now.

But however, my free time is still limited, since I have two jobs and also have some hobbies. How many and what features exactly in v1.14 will come, I can’t guarantee. To be up-to-date what features and fixes are in work or already finished, see the Upcomming Versions document here.