Today, I just want to say „Thank you“ to everyone who reads this.

First, I want to thank everyone who use the SM64 ROM Manager or any other of my tools. I don’t know how many installations there, because my tools don’t collect any statistics. But I can see how many downloads there are. For the SM64 ROM Manager there are up to 100 downloads per day and about 60 Update checks per hour. It’s lovely for me to see that so many people are using my self-developed programs.

Also I want to thank everyone who support me and my tools, don’t matter how. Thanks to all people that give wonderful support on my Discord server and help people with their problems using the SM64 ROM Manager or any other general hacking questions. Thank you to everyone who helpes me if I have technical or other questions. Thank you to every donator on PayPal! Also thank you to my loyal Patreon donator that keeps donating every months a small amount of his money!

If you want and have enough money left, you can also spend a little bit money. I will save it for bad times or something like a broken car. But I can understand even if you don’t want. If you still want to support me without spending money, just join my Discord and help other people with their problems and optionally join one of my teams!

The development of SM64 Decomp Manager I stopped for the reasons that I really haven’t enough time for two big tools like the SM64 ROM Manager. My opinion is that the ROM Manager will still be a thing for a long time and there are a lot of features I want to add that you suggested. Let us give the SM64 ROM Manager more features and bug fixes for new users that just want to create a simple or complexe ROM hack without using Decomp. The ROM Manager already made a lot of things easier then it was before. I keep getting this feedback from time to time.

I try to spend every little bit of timeI have for you and my tools, especially the SM64 ROM Manager. But as side note: During holiday from work I will also take holidays from Pilzinsel64. Between 20th December and 1st January I will not be available. That means the SM64 ROM Manager Version 12.0 doesn’t come until January or February next year.

Lastly I want to wish you merry christmas and a wondeful new year!